NZ Book Festival

This past weekend saw the NZ book festival. What a great day to meet fellow writers and interesting people. Lots of networking possibilities in future.


Strange Tings

So the story continues. The company that was hired to do the Kindle conversion and subtle changes, have mucked up.  The more we change things, the more other mistakes they make. So we are still waiting. Hopefully publish soon. In the meantime, I have started a new novel as well as writing children’s books and I have also started on the sequel to Strange Tings.

My first book

I am self publishing my first book by the end of the week. It is called Strange Tings, for lovers of fiction, romance and adventure. see Amazon and Kindle.

I just had no idea how to get spotted by a decent publisher. So we learn. Maybe next time.Picture2

Strange Tings

The book is now almost complete. It has been written, illustrated, Edited and now formatted for reading on Kindle and ready for Amazon print on demand.

This is my very first book and I have made so many mistakes. I want to share these mistakes with other wanna be authors who are just starting out, maybe written some or are still in the planning stages. So…I will try to add some tips and advice here as soon as I acquire followers that are interested in my work and in not making the same mistakes which I wasted thousands of dollars on.

So….Ready or not world……..Strange Tings are coming!